A BLUEPRINT FOR MURDER (1953): What to do about a suspected murderess who can't be convicted? Decent but not great crime / noir-ish type thing with Joseph Cotten. 77 minutes.

A BUCKET OF BLOOD (1959): Early Corman classic surrounding a bohemian wannabe and mean spirited beatniks. Great fun. 66 minutes.

A LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN (1971): Outstanding giallo by Lucio Fulci. This is one of my favorites. Nice widescreen print. The Ennio Morricone soundtrack makes this amazing film even better. 95 minutes.

ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948): It's a grand new Idea for FUN. The last hurrah for the classic Universal monsters. 83 minutes.

ALICE IN ACIDLAND (1968): Follow Alice's journey from innocence to drug-addled lesbian pothead and beyond. Nice quality with drug-themed trailers as extras.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND (1951): The classic Disney animated adaptation of Lewis Carol's novel. Has one extra, Mickey Mouse in "Thru The Mirror."

ALI G SHOW - Season 2 (2005): All six episodes plus unseen shit. Two discs; three episodes per.

ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK (1972): Sergo Martino directs this Rosemary's Baby inspired giallo with Edwige Fenech. Widescreen with theatrical trailers. Runs 95 minutes.

ALL LADIES DO IT (1992): Tinto Brass. Also known as Così Fan Tutte. Widescreen with trailer and behind the scenes footage. Italian language with English subtitles. Excellent quality. Runs 90 minutes.

ALMOST HUMAN (1974): It doesn't matter how loud you scream. Umberto Lenzi crime thriller featuring Tomas Milian. I love this one. Highly recommended. Widescreen, English language presentation. Runs 90 minutes.

AMAZING MR. BICKFORD (1987): Several pieces of Frank Zappa's music are set against clay animation by Bruce Bickford. Out of print and hard to find. This is a nice burn from pre-record VHS. Runs about 52 minutes.

ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES (1938): Classic early crime drama with James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and the Dead End Kids. Runs 97 minutes.

ANIMAL CRACKERS (1930): The 4 Marx Brothers. Hooray for Captain Spaulding. Runs 97 minutes.

ANITA: SWEDISH NYMPHET (1973): A true report of a 16 year old nymphomaniac's behaviour. Starring Christina Lindberg. Swedish language with English subtitles. Runs 95 minutes.

ANNIVERSARY (1968): Bette Davis a portrait in evil as the most merciless mother of them all! Widescreen presentation. Runs 95 minutes.

ATOMIC SUBMARINE (1959): Good Sci-Fi B movie fun. Theatrical trailer. Runs 72 minutes.

ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN (1958): See a female colossus... her mountainous torso, skyscraper limbs, giant desires! Runs 65 minutes.

ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS (1957): Great early Corman Sci-Fi starring Russell Johnson. Sound and picture quality is okay but not great. Runs 62 minutes.

ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE (1958): Written, produced & directed by Bert I. Gordon starring John Agar. What more can one say in support of a film. Runs 79 minutes.

AT MIDNIGHT I'LL TAKE YOUR SOUL (1964): The first Coffin Joe (aka Zé do Caixão) film. Widescreen with English subtitles. Has interview with José Mojica Marins and theatrical trailers. The film runs 82 minutes.

AWAKENING OF THE BEAST (1970): More Coffin Joe (aka Zé do Caixão). Includes interview with José Mojica Marins and theatrical trailer. Widescreen with English subtitles. The film runs 93 minutes.

BACCHANALES SEXUELLES (1974): Total, unimaginable, irredeemable trash. That's the reason Jean Rollin used his alter-ego Michel Gentil for the director's credit. French language with English subtitles. Running time 106 minutes.

BAD RONALD (1974): Scott Jacoby as the rat-like Ronald. Classic 70's TV movie of the week. Decent picture quality (but not amazing) taken from USA Home Video release. Sound quality is good. Runs 74 minutes.

BARBARELLA (1968): Who seduces an angel? Who strips in space? Who conveys love by hand? Who gives up the pill? Who takes sex to outer space? Who's the girl of the 21st century? Who nearly dies of pleasure? Runs 98 minutes.

BEAUTIFUL, THE BLOODY & THE BARE (1964): Not so amazing horror/nudie with some great street shots of NYC. Great trailers as extras.

BEDAZZLED (1967): Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in their first starring comedy! Runs about 103 minutes.

BEDLAM (1946): Sensational Secrets of Infamous Mad-house Exposed! Great atmospheric horror film from Val Lewton. Runs about 79 minutes.

BE MY GUEST (1965): Featuring a young, pre-Small Faces Steve Marriot. Musical performances include Jerry Lee Lewis & The Nashville Teens. 82 minutes.

BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (1970): Russ Meyer and Roger Ebert teamed up to make this classic. Widescreen with theatrical trailer. Runs about 109 minutes.

BIG BAD MAMA (1974): Great Corman 70's drive-in / exploitation. There's more Shatner flesh shown in this than any human should be exposed to. Runs about 83 minutes.

BIG CUBE (1969): Poor daddy. Bibi was just shedding her inhibitions. So he threw the gang out. He never should have done it. Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never... Runs about 98 minutes.

BIGFOOT & WILDBOY (1978): Sid & Marty Krofft Saturday morning adventure series. Unbelievable. Four full episodes recorded from pre-record VHS for optimum jaw-dropping stupidity visibility. Not commercially available on DVD and long out of print on VHS. Highly recommended fun. Runs about 95 minutes.

BILLY THE KID VS. DRACULA (1966): The West's deadliest gunfighter! The world's most diabolical killer! Dracula travels to the American West, intent on making a beautiful ranch owner his next victim. Her fiance, outlaw Billy the Kid, finds out about it and rushes to save her. Runs about 73 minutes.

BLACK GESTAPO (1975): Absurd 70's trash. Good quality widescreen print. Runs 88 minutes.

BLAST OF SILENCE (1961): One of my favorite Christmas season films. This is a real treat & genuine rarity that delivers. Runs 77 minutes.

BLOB (1958): Indescribable... Indestructible! Nothing Can Stop It!. Widescreen with theatrical trailer.

BLOOD OF THE VAMPIRE (1958): He begins where Dracula left off!. Early Jimmy Sangster story done in Hammer style. Widescreen with theatrical trailers.

BLOOD SUCKING FREAKS (1976): Infamous 70's trash. Widescreen with theatrical trailers. Runs approx. 89 minutes.

BLUE VELVET (1986): It's a strange world. David Lynch. Runs approx. 120 minutes.

BORAT: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006): High Five! Widescreen. Runs approx. 85 minutes.

BORN LOSERS (1967): The first and the best of the Billy Jack films. Full screen format. Runs approx. 111 minutes.

BURN, WITCH, BURN (1962): Janet Blair and Peter Wyngarde star in this excellent super-natural thriller. Very nice picture and sound quality. Runs 87 minutes.

CAMPUS SWINGERS - Schulmadchen Report No. 4 (1972): American version of the German soft core series probably best known for the excellent Gert Wilden soundtrack music. From pre-record so picture and sound is decent. I threw a hand full of trailers from similar films at the end of disc. Total time is about 85 minutes.

CANDY SNATCHERS (1973): Outstanding obscure 70's exploitation film. Truly depraved story with theatrical trailers. Great quality. Runs 94 minutes.

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1979): This copy is what is purported to be the definitive edition. Widescreen with theatrical trailers. Runs 96 minutes.

CAR 54 - WHERE ARE YOU? (1961 - 62): Various episodes. Each one runs just under 26 minutes, which means they are complete and not trimmed for syndication. Quality is decent but certainly not perfect. 4 episodes per disc - runs approx 100 minutes. Have 7 discs worth.

CARS THAT ATE PARIS (1974): Peter Weir's first. Very nice widescreen with theatrical trailer. Runs about 87 minutes.

CASE OF THE SCORPION'S TAIL (1971): Directed by Sergio Martino. This is the full-length Euro-version. Excellent widescreen print with trailer. Runs about 93 minutes.

CAT & THE CANARY (1979): Radley Metzger's not bad but kinda forgettable take on a classic. Widescreen presentation. Runs 102 minutes.

CAT O'NINE TAILS (1971): Dario Argento's second feature. Widescreen presentation with theatrical trailers. Runs about 112 minutes.

CAT PEOPLE (1942): She knew strange, fierce pleasures that no other woman could ever feel! Theatrical trailer. Runs about 72 minutes.

CAVETT, DICK SHOW Disc 1 (1969 - 74): David Bowie on DC from December 1974. Bowie performs 2 songs and interview. Cavett meets Mick Jagger 1972. Has some brief hi-lights of live Stones & interview w/Jagger. And Jimi Hendrix's 2 appearances on DC in 1969. Total of 3 songs and 2 interviews. Runs about 75 minutes.

CAVETT, DICK SHOW Disc 2 (1969 - 70): The complete "Woodstock Show" from Aug. 19, 1969. Jefferson Airplane performs 3 songs, Joni Mitchell does 3 songs and Stephen Stills & David Crosby get in on the act, as well. Second show is Sly Stone from 1970. Sly & Family Stone perform one song and Sly joins Dick & his guests on the couch. Runs about 95 minutes.

CHALLENGE OF THE TIGER (1980): AKA Gymkata Killer. Bruce Le & Richard Harrison karate chop to save mankind's fertility. With topless female tennis. Great fun. 86 minutes.

CHEEKY! (2000): Tinto Brass. Also known as Trasgredire. Widescreen with trailers and behind the scenes footage. Excellent quality.

CHEERLEADERS (1973): Come And Huddle With The Cheerleaders. Classic 70's drive-in sexy time. Widescreen with theatrical trailer.

CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED (1963): So young, so innocent, so deadly - they came to conquer the world! 90 minutes.

CHOPPERS (1961): Arch Hall Jr. and gang of auto-strippers. Excellent JD film from early 60's. Very nice picture and sound quality with theatrical trailer and a few other extras.

CHRISTMAS EVIL (1980): The director's cut of John Waters' favorite Christmas movie. Nice widescreen presentation starring Fiona Apple's father. About 99 minutes.

CINDERELLA 2000 (1977): Al Adamson & Sam Sherman teamed up to make this steaming pile. This is the uncut Euro-version, which runs about 103 minutes. Theatrical trailers as extras.

COCOANUTS (1929): The 4 Marx Brothers first film. A bit too much of the song & dance thing but still contains some classic routines. 96 minutes.

COMPANEROS (1970): Sergio Corbucci delivers one of the best westerns ever made. Not only has Franco Nero but Tomas Milian also. What more could one ask for? Oh yes, a pot smoking villain played by the always amazing Jack Palance. English languuage, widescreen presentation. 120 minutes.

CONFESSIONS OF A PSYCHO CAT (1968): A deranged, wealthy woman offers $100,000 to three men if they can stay alive for 24 hours in Manhattan, and then hunts them down. Good picture and sound quality with theatrical trailer and more other extras.

COUNT DRACULA (1969): Jess Franco's faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Stars Christopher Lee and Klaus Kinski with Franco regular Soledad Miranda. Runs 97 minutes.

CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN (1955): See the film that inspired a classic Roky Erickson song. This is a great little flick. Produced by Sam Katzman. Approx. 69 minutes.

CRIMES OF THE BLACK CAT (1972): Giallo by Sergio Pastore. Not an amazing print but apparently the best available. Italian language with English subtitles, widescreen, theatrical trailers. Approx. 90 minutes.

CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE (1944): The Black Menace Creeps Again! Theatrical trailer. Runs about 70 minutes.

CURSE OF THE FLY (1965): No flies here but a not bad addition to the series. Runs about 86 minutes.

CURSE OF THE LIVING DEAD (1964): Relatives gather in an old house for the reading of a will, but the "dead" man comes back to life and starts killing. Originally played as a double feature with "The Horror Of Party Beach."

D.O.A. (1950): A picture as excitingly different as its title! Running time 83 minutes.

DARNA ANG PAGBABALIK - aka Darna, The Return (1994): Here's a Filipino Wonder Woman movie. Pretty decent copy but it does look like it was ripped from a VCD. Widescreen with English subtitles. Running time 103 minutes.

DAY THE WORLD ENDED (1956): Early Roger Corman treat with great Paul Blaisdell monster. Sound and picture is good. Running time is 83 minutes.

DAY THE WORLD STOOD STILL (1951): A robot and a man . . . hold the world spellbound with new and startling powers from another planet. Runs 92 minutes.

DEAD ALIVE (1992): Peter Jackson's zombie romp. Uncut, widescreen with theatrical trailer. Running time is 97 minutes.

DEATH CARRIES A CANE (1972): Directed by Maurizio Pradeaux. German language, English subtitles, widescreen with theatrical trailer and alternate title sequence. Running time 88 minutes.

DEATH WALKS AT MIDNIGHT (1972): Luciano Ercoli's recently unearthed giallo. English language, widescreen copy. Great film! Running time is approx. 104 minutes.

DEATH WALKS ON HIGH HEELS (1971): Luciano Ercoli. English language, widescreen copy. Running time is approx. 107 minutes.

DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION (1981): Excellent copy taken from Japanese laserdisc. Runs about 100 minutes.

DECODER (1984): Muzak is more than music. A young man uses supermarket-style 'musak' to induce frightening reactions within people. Starring F.M. Einheit, Christiane F., with guest appearances by William S. Burroughs and Genesis P.Orridge. Music by Dave Ball & Genesis P.Orridge. Looks and sounds great. Running time 83 minutes.

DEFILERS (1965): One of the first & best "roughies". Adults only! Excellent trailers tacked on end.

DEMONS (1985): They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs. Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava provide the laughs. Widescreen. About 88 minutes.

DEMONS 2 (1986): The Nightmare Returns. Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava provide more laughs. Widescreen. About 91 minutes.

DESTINATION MOON (1950): Two years in the making! Directed by Irving "Sandor" Pichel! 92 minutes.

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS (1968): Monsters of mass destruction! 90 minutes.

DETOUR (1945): He went searching for love... but Fate forced a DETOUR to Revelry... Violence... Mystery! 67 minutes.

DEVIL AND DANIEL JOHNSTON (2005): Produced by Hank Rank. Running time 110 minutes.

DEVIL CAME FROM AKASAVA (1970): Jess Franco Euro-spy thriller with Soledad Miranda. Amazing soundtrack. German language with English subtitles. Running time 84 minutes.

DEVIL-DOLL (1936): Tod Browning. Very nice quality. Theatrical trailer. Running time 79 minutes.

DEVIL DOLL (1964): This is the U.K. (not the Continental) version. Very nice quality. Running time 81 minutes.

DEVIL'S PLAYTHING (1973): A lesbian vampire's soul is kept on in the bodies of her descendants. By Swedish auteur Joseph Sarno. Running time 85 minutes.

DEVIL'S RAIN (1975): Great wide screen copy of this William Shatner & Ernest Borgnine gem. Looks and sounds great. Running time 85 minutes.

DIAL M FOR MURDER (1954): Great Hitchcock with Ray Milland and Grace Kelly. 105 minutes.

DIE, MONSTER, DIE! (1965): Karloff stars in this H.P. Lovecraft inspired snoozer. Don't watch lying down. 80 minutes.

DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE (1972): Luis Buñuel. Widescreen, French language with English subtitles. Theatrical trailer. Runs 102 minutes.

DJANGO (1966): Full-length, widescreen version of Sergio Corbucci's seminal western starring Franco Nero. Looks and sounds great. Running time 90 minutes.

DR. ORLOFF'S MONSTER (1964): A mad scientist creates a hideous monster to carry out his murderous plans. Early Jess Franco effort. Running time 85 minutes.

DR. STRANGELOVE (1964): The hot-line suspense comedy. Running time is 96 minutes.

DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS (1965): Full length version of this hard-to-find classic starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. From excellent source. Looks and sounds great. Running time is 98 minutes.

DOCTOR X (1932): Out-Thrills Them All! Great pre-code chills from Michael Curtiz. Mmmm ... synthetic flesh. Running time 76 minutes.

DOLEMITE (1975): Bone-crushing, Skull-splitting, Brain-blasting ACTION!. Theatrical trailers included. Running time 89 minutes.

DON'T DELIVER US FROM EVIL (1970): By Joël Séria. The French film that was banned in France. Widescreen with English subtitles. Running time 102 minutes.

DON'T GO IN THE WOODS ... ALONE! (1981): Everyone has nightmares about the ugliest way to die. Running time 82 minutes.

DON'T GO NEAR THE PARK (1981): It's the last place you'll ever play! With Aldo Ray & Linnea Quigley. Running time 84 minutes.

DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK (1956):The kings of rock are rollin' back to the screen... in their biggest! Co-stars Little Richard, Bill Haley & the Treniers. Running time 84 minutes.

DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING (1972): Classic Lucio Fulci with Tomas Milian. Great film. Running time 102 minutes.

DOUBLE INDEMNITY (1944): Classic film noir. Running time 107 minutes.

DRACULA, PRISONER OF FRANKENSTEIN (1972): Jess Franco takes on classic movie monsters, resulting in a film that is sleep-inducing but still a bit better than "Rites of Frankenstein". 82 minutes.

DUCK SOUP (1933): The 4 Marx Brothers' classic. I love the mirror scene, but then again, who doesn't. 68 minutes.

EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS (1956): Before You Scoff at Flying Saucers - See the Greatest SHOCK Film of All Time. With Ray Harryhausen special effects. 83 minutes.

EARTH VS. THE SPIDER (1958): It Must Eat You to Live! Bert I. Gordon delivers big. 73 minutes.

EATEN ALIVE - aka Mangiati Vivi! (1980): Infamous Umberti Lenzi gut muncher. Right up there with Cannibal Holocaust. Uncut, widescreen with trailers. 92 minutes.

ECCO (1963): An incredible orgy of sights and sounds highlighting some of the oddest, strangest and more grotesque examples of human behavior. Has theatrical trailers at end of disc. 115 minutes.

EL TOPO (1970): Alejandro Jodorowsky. English language, full screen presentation. 125 minutes.

ELEKI NO WAKADAISHO (1965): Hard-to-find feature length film featuring Japan's premier guitar heroes, Takeshi Terauchi and Yuzo Kayama. Primarily about a battle of the bands with a sub-plot about American football. Who cares about football, this one is about the musical fun. Widescreen, Japanese language (but no subtitles) and theatrical trailer at end. 94 minutes.

ELEKTRA-WOMAN AND DYNAGIRL (1976): Sid & Marty Krofft Saturday morning adventure series. Three full two-part episodes recorded from pre-record VHS for optimum feminist viewing pleasure. Includes the "Glitter Rock" episode! Also includes bonus episodes of: (1) Dr. Shrinker; & (2) The Wonderbug. Not commercially available on DVD and long out of print on VHS. Highly recommended fun. Runs about 90 minutes.

EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS (1977): This Joe D'Amato film starring Laura Gemser is also known as "Trap Them And Kill Them." Widescreen, English language version runs 93 minutes. Has theatrical trailers at end.

EMANUELLE IN AMERICA (1977): She does it all for old glory! Classic Joe D'Amato film starring Laura Gemser. Widescreen, English language version runs 100 minutes.

ERASERHEAD (1977): Widescreen. Theatrical trailer at end. David Lynch discussing the making of Eraserhead is on a separate disc.

EQUINOX (1970): Four friends are attacked by a demon while on a picnic. This is the theatrical release version. By Jack Woods. Great quialty. Approx. 82 minutes.

EVEN DWARFS STARTED SMALL (1970): Werner Herzog. German language with English subtitles. Approx. 96 minutes.

FANTASTIC VOYAGE (1966): Still haven't watched it all the through yet. No one I know can believe that I've never watched this movie. Very nice widescreen viewing. 112 minutes.

FAHRENHEIT 451 (1966): François Truffaut. Very nice widescreen. 112 minutes.

FAIRY TALES (1979): Scream Queen Linea Quigley got her start here; a real crappy soft-core musical comedy. 76 minutes.

FAMILY GUY - Volume 4: All 14 episodes from the second half of season 4 and some deleted scenes. Three discs about 112 minutes each.

FAMILY GUY - Stewie Griffin The Untold Story (2005): Just the movie. No Extras. 88 minutes.

FANTASTIC VOYAGE (1966): The most amazing science fiction ever conceived!. Approx. 100 minutes.

FIEND OF DOPE ISLAND (1961): Bruce Bennett rules the island with a drunken fist. With theatrical trailer and a few shorts tacked on the end.

FIEND WITHOUT A FACE (1958): New Horrors! Mad Science Spawns Evil Fiends! ...Taking form before your horrified eyes! Good Sci-Fi from the UK. 74 minutes.

FINAL PROGRAMME (Last Days of Man on Earth) (1973): Widescreen with theatrical trailer & TV spot. Runs 89 minutes.

FIRST MEN IN THE MOON (1964): H.G. Wells' Astounding Adventure in Dynamation! Runs 89 minutes.

FLAME featuring SLADE (1973): Slade in Flame is a thinly-fictionalized version of the band's own story. Great quality. Runs 82 minutes.

FLESH EATERS (1964): Primo copy of this hard-to-find classic filmed on Jones Beach, Long Island, NY. With theatrical trailer. Runs 87 minutes.

FOOD OF THE GODS (1976): Bert I. Gordon presents many giant rats in a film inspired by H.G. Wells. Marjoe Gortner saves the day. Runs 88 minutes.

FORBIDDEN PHOTOS OF A LADY ABOVE SUSPICION (1970): Another great Giallo from Luciano Ercoli. Widescreen with theatrical trailer. Runs 96 minutes.

FOR Y'UR HEIGHT ONLY (1979): Bigger than Goldfinger's Finger - Bigger Than Thunderball's (. . . . . . .) Weng Weng is Agent 00. Runs 87 minutes.

FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE (1975): By Lucio Fulci with Fabio Testi. Widescreen. Runs 104 minutes.

FRANKENSTEIN’S BLOODY TERROR (1968): Paul Naschy’s first film. Excellent wide-screen print with theatrical trailer. Dubbed in English. Runs 91 minutes.

FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD (1965): This the U.S. theatrical version of "Frankenstein vs. Baragon." Widescreen, English language. Runs about 87 minutes.

FRANKENSTEIN vs. BARAGON (1965): This the Japanese theatrical version of "Frankenstein Conquers The World." Widescreen, Japanese language with English subtitles. Runs about 90 minutes.

FREAKS (1932): Tod Browning's classic. With alternate endings and brief bios on some of the film's stars tacked on the end of the disc.

FREAKMAKER aka The Mutations (1973): Good and generally overlooked 70's Sci-Fi featuring real circus side show curiosities. With theatrical trailers. Sound and picture excellent. Runs 92 minutes.

FRENCH SEX MURDERS (1972): Giallo produced by Dick Randall starring a Humphrey Bogart look-a-like. Deleted scenes added at end. English language, widescreen version. Runs 88 minutes.

FRENY (1972): Great Hitchcock from the later part vof his career. Widescreen, 116 minutes.

FRIVOLOUS LOLA (1998): Tinto Brass. Also known as Monella. English language, widescreen with theatrical trailer. Excellent quality.

GAMMERA - THE INVINCIBLE (1966): The super-monster even the H-bomb cannot destroy. English language, widescreen. About 86 minutes.

GASLIGHT (1944): Strange drama of a captive sweetheart! Approx. 114 minutes.

GASSS! (1970): Roger Corman hippie flick with Country Joe & the Fish. Widescreen with theatrical trailer. Total time of disc is approx. 80 minutes.

GHOST BUSTERS / FAR OUT SPACE NUTS (1975): 3 episodes of Ghost Busters starring Forrest Tucker, Larry Storch and Bob Burns. 2 episodes of Far Out Space Nuts starring Bob Denver with an appearance by John Carradine in one of the episodes. Not perfect quality but very good for these Saturday morning rarities. Runs 111 minutes.

GHOST GALLEON (1974): The third installment in De Ossorio's Blind Dead series. Very nice widescreen print with theatrical trailers. Runs 90 minutes.

GIANT BEHEMOTH (1959): The Biggest Thing Since Creation! Approx. 80 minutes.

GIANT CLAW (1957): Flying beast out of prehistoric skies! Approx. 75 minutes.

GIMME SHELTER (1970): The Maysles brothers film about the Stones 1969 tour, which culminates with Altamont. Extras include Stones at Madison Square Garden, back stage with Ike & Tina Turner and theatrical trailers. Total time of disc is 115 minutes.

GIOVANNA LONG-THIGH (1973): Sergio Martino comedy with Edwige Fenech. Italian language, English subtitles, widescreen with theatrical trailers and Fenech interview. Total time of disc is 115 minutes.

GODZILLA - KING OF THE MONSTERS (1956): English language. Runs approx. 78 minutes.

GODZILLA vs. GIGAN (1972): English language. Excellent widescreen copy. Runs 89 minutes.

GODZILLA vs. HEDORAH (1971): English language. Excellent widescreen copy. Runs 85 minutes.

GODZILLA vs. MECHAGODZILLA (1974): English language. Excellent widescreen copy. Runs 84 minutes.

GODZILLA vs. The SEA MONSTER (1966): English language. Excellent widescreen copy. Runs 86 minutes.

GORILLA AT LARGE (1954): Get out of his way - Before it's too late! Was originally a 3-D feature release. Runs 83 minutes.

GRAPES OF DEATH - (1978): Jean Rollin's living dead vinyard. French language with English subtitles. Excellent widescreen copy with theatrical trailer. Runs 85 minutes.

GROOVIE GOOLIES - (1970): Laugh-In style animated monster rumpus I'm sure everyone's familiar with. 15 episodes on 3 discs, that's 5 per disc. Each disc runs 109 minutes. I have the 16th episode on a separate disc for completists.

GUN CRAZY - Deadly Is The Female (1949): Thrill crazy... Kill crazy... Classic crime flick with film noir elements. Runs 86 minutes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (1981): It'll be a killer party! I'm sure it smelled a bit as well. What a twisty ending. Absolutely ridiculous. 111 minutes.

HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT (1986): John Heyn & Jeff Krulik capture loveable Judas Priest fans getting into the proper state of mind prior to a concert. Extras include outtakes, Neil Diamond Parking Lot, Monster Truck Parking Lot trailer, Harry Potter Parking Lot, Heavy Metal Basement & Heavy Metal Alumni. Viva Zebraman! 113 minutes.

HIGH SIERRA (1941): The Blazing Mountain Manhunt for Killer 'Mad-Dog' Earle!. With Humphrey Bogart & Ida Lupino. 100 minutes.

HILARIOUS HOUSE OF FRIGHTENSTEIN (1971): 4 episodes of this Canadian cult classic featuring Billy Van and Vincent Price. Decent sound and picture quality. Each episode is approx. 22 minutes.

HITCH-HIKE (1977): Franco Nero gives David Hess a lift. Bad idea. Widescreen with theatrical trailer. About 104 minutes.

HOLY MOUNTAIN (1973): Alejandro Jodorowsky. English language, widescreen presentation. 125 minutes.

HORSE FEATHERS (1932): The 4 Marx Brothers go to college. With the most rebellious song ever: Whatever it is, I'm against it! 68 minutes.

HORROR OF PARTY BEACH (1964): The Del-Aires perform and the kids do the Zombie Stomp. Widescreen, excellent sound and picture quality. With theatrical trailer. 78 Mins.

HOUSE ON BARE MOUNTAIN (1962): "Adults only" fun followed by a few monster nudie shorts tacked on the end of the disc.

HOUSE ON SKULL MOUNTAIN (1974): Every Room Is A Living Tomb in The House On Skull Mountain. 89 minutes.

HOUSE WITH LAUGHING WINDOWS (1976): Pupi Avatis much-revered classic of Italian horror. Widescreen, Italian lanuage with English subtitles and theatrical trailer. Approx. 106 minutes.

H.R. PUFNSTUF (1969): Complete series. All 17 episodes on 4 discs. Sid & Marty Krofft, Jack Wild and Billie Hayes interviews included.

HUMAN HIGHWAY (1982): Neil Young's "new wave" film starring DEVO, Russ Tamblyn and Dean Stockwell. Very good sound and picture quality taken from pre-record VHS. Not available on DVD. Approx. 84 mins.

HUMAN TORNADO (1976): Nerve-shattering ...Brain-battering ...Mind-splattering ...A ONE MAN DISASTER! Gotta love Dolemite, mutha fucka. Approx. 85 mins.

HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (1939): One of my favorite films. With theatrical trailer. Approx. 116 mins.

I DRINK YOUR BLOOD (1970): Let it be known...that Satan was an acid head! Early 70's drive-in classic in all its uncut glory with theatrical trailers. Great quality. Runs 83 minutes.

I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF (1957): Great fun from AIP not yet available on DVD. Looks and sounds great. Burned from pre-record. 76 minutes.

I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN (1957): More great fun from AIP not yet available on DVD. Looks and sounds great. Burned from pre-record. 74 minutes.

ILLUSTRATED MAN (1969): Don't dare stare at the illustrated man. 103 mins.

IMPULSE (1974): William Shatner stars as a suave gigolo (type-cast once again) with a dark past who's up to no good. This obscure 70's treasure is a must see for Shatner fans and genre buffs. Full screen presentaion. 86 minutes.

INVASION OF THE SAUCER MEN (1957): Even more great fun from AIP not yet available on DVD. Looks and sounds great. Burned from pre-record. 69 minutes.

INSEMINOID (1981): Campy British Sci-Fi inspired by Alien. Widescreen with theatrical trailer. About 90 minutes.

INTRUDER (1962): Powerfull early Roger Corman with William Shatner as racial instigator Adam Cramer. Widescreen with bonus trailers. About 84 minutes.

ISLE OF THE DEAD (1945): What evil force is loose that empties graves of these long dead...buries those still alive...leaves behind it death...AND WORSE!! Atmospheric effort from Val Lewton. Runs about 72 minutes.

IT CONQUERED THE WORLD (1956): Roger Corman's second Sci-Fi adventure with another great Paul Blaisdell monster. Looks and sounds great. Burned from pre-record. Also includes original theatrical trailer and several other genre trailers.

JACK THE RIPPER (1976): Klaus Kinski in Jess Franco's take on the Ripper. Excellent widescreen copy with theatrical trailer. Runs 92 minutes.

JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER (1966): Legendary outlaw of the Old West Jesse James, on the run from the law, hides out in the castle of Baron Frankenstein's granddaughter. Wow. Runs 88 minutes.

JOE (1970): Peter Boyle stars as hippie hating Joe. Excellent film. Widescreen with theatrical trailer. Runs about 107 minutes.

JUSTINE DE SADE (1972): Claude Pierson directs the depravity in this French film. Runs about 115 minutes.

KEOMA (1976): Uncut. Uncensored. Unequaled. Starring Franco Nero. Widescreen, English language version. Runs 101 minutes.

KEY LARGO (1948): A storm of fear and fury in the sizzling Florida Keys! Classic John Huston thriller. Runs 100 minutes.

KILLER MUST KILL AGAIN (1975): Great giallo by Luigi Cozzi, who often worked with Dario Argento. Excellent widescreen copy with theatrical trailer. Runs 90 minutes.

KING KONG (1933): One of the greatest movies ever made. From the new special edition without the extras but with theatrical trailers. Excellent quality.

KING KONG (2005): Widescreen. Excellent quality.

KING KONG vs. GODZILLA (1962): See Godzilla fight his most famous foe, King Kong. This is the U.S. version of the film dubbed in English. Great quality. Runs 92 minutes.

KING KONG ESCAPES (1967): A mechanical replica battles Kong atop the Tokyo Tower. This is the U.S. version of the film dubbed in English. Great quality. Runs 96 minutes.

KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS (1977): A new species of horror is born. Shatner plays a veterinarian named Rack Hansen. Cool. Many real live spiders are killed. Runs 97 minutes.

KISS ME QUICK! (1964): An "Adults Only" monster nudie with a couple of extra treats at the end.

KOLCHAK: The NIGHT STALKER (1974): All 20 episodes. Great guest stars, stories and quality. Each episode is original, unedited length of about 52 minutes. Two episodes per disc.

KUNG FU FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE (1984): Love this incredibly wacky martial arts horror movie from Hong Kong. 88 minutes.

KURE KURE TAKORA (1973): AKA Gimme Gimme Octopus! Japanese TV series for children. Each episode is totally abusrd and runs about 2 - 3 minutes. This is volume one and contains about 60 mind-numbing episodes. Very good quality.

LADY TERMINATOR (1988): She Mates... Then She Terminates. A sassy slice of Indonesian cinema. Widescreen, English language presentation with trailer and Indonesian cinema short documentary. Running time 83 minutes.

LANCELOT LINK: SECRET CHIMP (1970): Three disc collection of Lance Link. First disc has 5 complete episodes. Second disc has 4-and-a-half complete episodes and third disc has two complete episodes and added bonus of all 10 songs performed by Lance Link & The Evolution Revolution.

LAS SICODELICAS (1968): Las Sicodelicas is a Mexican-Peruvian co-production from 1968. Starring Isela Vega, Maura Monti and Amadee Chabot. Also features Peruvian garage-psych legends Los Shains. High camp 60's fashions and bad-ass babes saturate this Spanish language action-comedy. Sorry amigo, no subtitles but still very enjoyable. Very hard to find rarity. Picture and sound quality very good. Running time 83 minutes.

LA NAVE DE LOS MONSTRUOS (1959): A Mexican horror/sci-fi/comedy musical from 1959. This film is great fun. High camp and mucho cheesy monsters and I will say no more. Spanish language. Sorry amigo, no subtitles but they are really not necessary. A hard to find gem. Picture and sound quality very good. Running time 82 minutes.

LAURA (1944): The story of a love that became the most fearful thing that ever happened to a woman! Classic Otto Preminger film noir featuring a young Vincent Price. About 88 minutes.

LEMORA: A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL (1973): A young girl who returns to her hometown to see her dying father finds herself being drawn into a web of vampirism and witchcraft. About 85 minutes.

LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH (1971): Something is after Jessica. Something very cold, very wet... and very dead... About 88 minutes.

LITTLE CAESAR (1931): Outstanding crime drama starring Edward G. Robinson as Rico, an ambitious, wise crackin' mobster with his eyes on the prize. About 79 minutes.

LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE (1976): Creepy little yarn starring Scott "Bad Ronald" Jacoby. About 100 minutes.

LIVING CORPSE (1967): Dracula in Pakistan!. Urdu langage with English subtitles. Includes theatrical trailer. About 104 minutes.

LOVE MERCHANTS (1965): By Joe Sarno. Includes theatrical trailer and trailers from other Sarno films from the 60's.

LOST HIGHWAY (1997): Another David Lynch noodle-scratcher. Runs 135 minutes.

LOST WEEKEND (1945): No adult man or woman can risk missing the startling frankness of The Lost Weekend. Runs 101 minutes.

LYNCH, DAVID (2002): The Short Films Of David Lynch. Includes: The Grandmother, The Alphabet, The Cowboy & The Frenchman, The Amputee, Lumiere and Six Men Getting Sick. Lynch introduces each with a brief background story. 98 minutes.

MACK (1974): They're doing the job the cops can't! Highly recommended. With original willie Hutch soundtrack. Widescreen. 110 minutes.

MACUMBA SEXUAL (1983): By Jess Franco with Lina Romay. Widescreen, uncut version - 93 minutes.

MAD LOVE (1935): One of the all-time greats finally surfaces on disc. Theatrical trailer. Runs 68 minutes.

MAGIC SWORD (1962): Dungeons and Dragons type fairy tale with loads of cheesiness. Great quality. Runs 72 minutes.

MALTESE FALCON (1941): It's thrilling . . . it's chilling . . . it's the most baffling mystery story in years! John Huston's dierctorial debut. One of the greatest film noir genre. Runs 100 minutes.

MANSION OF MADNESS (1973): Juan López Moctezuma's lunatics take over the asylum. AKA Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon. English language, full screen with theatrical trailer. Runs 84 minutes.

MANSION OF THE LIVING DEAD (1985): More Franco stupidity with Lina Romay. Widescreen, Spanish language with English subtitles. Runs 93 minutes.

MANSON FAMILY (2003): You've seen the story through the eyes of the law... Now see it through the eyes of The Manson Family. Jim Van Bebber took 7 years to get this finished & released. Is it worth the wait? You tell me. Runs 95 minutes.

MARJOE (1972): You Keep the Faith...Marjoe Keeps the Money. Great documentary. 88 minutes.

MARK OF THE VAMPIRE (1935): By Todd Browning with Bela Lugosi. Theatrical trailer. Runs 60 minutes.

MARQUIS DE SADE'S JUSTINE (1969): Another Jess Franco noodle-scratcher. Features both Klaus Kinski & Jack Palance. Full-length, English language widescreen copy with theatrical trailer and 'making of' short. The film itself runs 124 minutes, so it is split onto two discs.

MASK OF FU MANCHU (1932): Karloff the uncanny as the evil Fu Manchu. Runs 68 minutes.

MATANGO - Attack Of The Mushroom People (1963): Great, eerie atypical Toho production with interesting Gilligan's Island parallels. English language, widescreen with theatrical trailers. Runs about 90 minutes.

MEPHISTO WALTZ (1971): Alan Alda sucks. Runs way too long at 109 minutes.

MIRANDA (1985): Tinto Brass. Fellini meets Russ Meyer in this stylish, erotic comedy. Great quality trailer. Runs 93 minutes.

MODESTY BLAISE (1966): Nothing can faze Modesty Blaise, the world's deadliest and most dazzlingly female agent! Actually, this is a bit of a bore. Too bad, appears promising but falls flat. Approx. 119 mins.

MONDO TOPLESS (1965): Russ Meyer classic featuring mucho busty buxotic beauties. Approx. 61 mins.

MONKEY BUSINESS (1931): The 4 Marx Brothers stowaway on a cruise ship. 77 minutes.

MONSTER A GO-GO! (1964): Herschell Gordon Lewis gets the credit for this gem, which is often hailed as the worst movie ever. Amazing theme song though. Great quality with several theatrical trailers tacked on end.

MUDHONEY (1965): Another Russ Meyer classic. Highly recommended. Approx. 92 mins.

MULQUEENS KIDDIE A-GO-GO: Two episodes of this Chicago-based children's dance party TV show. First episode features The New Colony Six and the second features The Cowsills. Quality is decent. Also includes two Mighty Hercules and one Johnny Cypher cartoon tagged on the end. Disc is 71 minutes total.

MUNSTERS: All 70 episodes spanning the years 1964 - 1966. Ten discs in all. Includes original pilot episode.

MUPPET SHOW: Three complete episodes. First is Alice Cooper (1978), second Vincent Price (1977) and third is Marty Feldman (1980). Disc is 75 minutes total.

MYSTICS IN BALI (1981): The flying head movie! Yes, at long last. English language version of this most bizarre Indonesian oddity. 80 minutes.

NAVY VS. THE NIGHT MONSTERS (1966): Mamie Van Doran and Bobby Van star in this classic B Sci-Fi schlock-fest not yet available on DVD. Burned from pre-record. 86 minutes.

NIGHT EVELYN CAME OUT OF THE GRAVE (1971): By Emilio Miraglia starring Erika Blanc. One of my personal faves has finally seen a proper release. Excellent widescreen print with theatrical trailer. Approx. 104 minutes.

NIGHT GALLERY (1969): The pilot movie for Rod Serling's post-Twilight Zone TV series. Great stories and quality. Approx. 90 minutes.

NIGHT GALLERY (1970-71): All 6 episodes of the first season. Great guest stars, stories and quality. Each episode is original, unedited length of about 52 minutes. There are two episodes per disc.

NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1955): Noir classic directed by Charles Laughton. Full screen presentation with theatrical trailer. Runs 92 minutes.

NIGHT OF THE SEAGULLS (1975): The fourth and final installment in De Ossorio's Blind Dead series. Very nice widescreen print with theatrical trailer. Runs 89 minutes.

NIGHTMARE ALLEY (1947): Stanton Carlisle is an ambitious carnie who plays scams alongside phony mentalist Zeena and her alcoholic husband Pete. Among the greatest of Film Noirs. Runs 110 minutes.

NINE AGES OF NAKEDNESS (1969): From the STONE AGE to the COMPUTER AGE! The History of Passion. By George Harrison Marks - kinda like a less funny Benny Hill (thought it not possible?) with more nudity. Runs 90 minutes.

NUDE FOR SATAN (1974): Italian Gothic horror that tells the tale of a man who stops at a remote castle hoping to get medical help for an injured woman, only to find the inhabitants mirror the darker sides of the woman and himself. Runs 82 minutes.

NUDE ON THE MOON (1961): Early Doris Wishman sci-fi themed nudie with theatrical trailer & nudie short, "Moon Strip." Runs 70 minutes.

OFFICE SPECIAL (2003): A final look at Wernham Hogg. Widescreen with Brent's two music videos. 95 minutes.

ORGY OF THE DEAD (1965): A Masterpiece of Erotic Horror! 92 minutes.

OUTER LIMITS - Disc 1 (1963): Two episodes: (1) The Galaxy Being; and (2) The Hundred Days Of The Dragon. Approx. 50 minutes each.

OUTER LIMITS - Disc 2 (1963): Two episodes: (1) The Architects Of Fear; and (2) The Man With The Power. Approx. 50 minutes each.

OUTER LIMITS - Disc 3 (1963): Two episodes: (1) The Sixth Finger; and (2) The Man Who Was Never Born. Approx. 50 minutes each.

OUTER LIMITS - Disc 4 (1963): Two episodes: (1) O.B.I.T.; and (2) The Human Factor. Approx. 50 minutes each.

OUTER LIMITS - Disc 5 (1963): Two episodes: (1) Corpus Earthling; and (2) Nightmare. Approx. 50 minutes each.

OUTER LIMITS - Disc 6 (1963): Two episodes: (1) It Crawled Out Of The Woodwork; and (2) The Borderland. Approx. 50 minutes each.

OUTER LIMITS - Disc 7 (1963): Two episodes: (1) Tourist Attraction; and (2) The Zanti Misfits. Approx. 50 minutes each.

OUTER LIMITS - Disc 8 (1964): Two episodes: (1) The Mice; and (2) Controlled Experiment. Approx. 50 minutes each.

OUTER LIMITS - Disc 9 (1964): Two episodes: (1) Don't Open Till Doomsday; and (2) ZZZZZ. Approx. 50 minutes each.

OUTER LIMITS - Disc 10 (1964): Two episodes: (1) The Invisibles; and (2) The Bellero Shield. Approx. 50 minutes each.

OUTER LIMITS - Disc 11 (1964): Two episodes: (1) The Children Of Spider County; and (2) Specimen: Unknown. Approx. 50 minutes each.

OUTER LIMITS - Disc 12 (1964): Two episodes: (1) Second Chance; and (2) Moonstone. Approx. 50 minutes each.

PAGAN ISLAND (1961): Barry Mahon's tale of a shipwrecked seaman alone on an island with 30 beautiful women. Very nice print with theatrical trailer and other saucy shorts tacked on the end.

PEEPING TOM (1960): Michael Powell's uncut cult classic. Very nice widescreen print with theatrical trailer. Runs 101 minutes.

PERVERSION STORY (1969): An insurance scam lands a man on death row for murdering his wife. What everyone doesn't know is she really isn't dead. Recently unearthed thriller by Lucio Fulci. Great soundtrack. Very nice widescreen print with theatrical trailer. Runs 101 minutes.

PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE (1974): Very nice widescreen print with theatrical trailers at end. Runs 92 minutes.

PHANTASM (1979): If this one doesn't scare you, you're already dead! Widescreen, 88 minutes.

PRAY FOR THE WILDCATS (1974): One of my favorite Shatner films. A made for TV movie with Andy Griffith, William Shatner, Marjoe Gortner & Robert Reed. Amazing. 92 minutes.

PRIVATE PARTS (1972): A most bizarre voyage into the psycho sexual! By Paul Bartel. 87 minutes.

PSYCHED BY THE 4-D WITCH (1972): Tagline: A Psychic Freakout from the Underground. With two bonus shorts added at end.

PUBLIC ENEMY (1931): Classic pre-code gangster drama follows James Cagney's character's rise in the criminal underworld. Runs 83 minutes.

PUNK ROCK (1977): Carter Stevens' x-rated adult feature starring Wade Nichols, who recorded a disco album for Casablanca Records in 1979 under the name Dennis Parker. Though it's filled with lots of people you really don't want to see naked, the scenes with the "punk" band are very entertaining. Runs 76 minutes.

RABID DOGS (1974): Mario Bava's recently unearthed crime drama. Widescreen, Italian language with English subtitles. Runs about 96 minutes.

QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE (1958): Zsa Zsa is determined to overthrow the planet's evil queen. Classic cheese. Runs about 80 minutes.

REPULSION (1965): Left alone when her sister goes on vacation, a sexually repressed young beauty goes insane with surreal fantasies of seduction and rape. Catherine Deneuve stars in this early Polanski thriller. Runs about 105 minutes.

REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS (1976): David Hasselhoff as Boner. Need I say more? Includes theatrical trailers and behind the scenes footage.

RITES OF FRANKENSTEIN (1972): Another ridiculous Franco film, which until recently was relatively hard-to-find. Nice copy with deleted nudie scenes tagged on the end. Spanish language with English subtitles. Approx. 90 minutes.

ROARING TWENTIES (1939): The land of the free gone wild! The heyday of the hotcha! The shock-crammed days G-men took ten whole years to lick! James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart bootleg liquor throughout the prohibition era. Runs 107 minutes.

ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS (1964): A Lone U.S. Astronaut Space-Ship Wrecked on Mars! Don't forget Mona the monkey. Runs 110 minutes.

ROCK-N-ROLL HIGH SCHOOL (1979): Very nice widescreen copy with theatrical trailers. Runs 94 minutes.

ROCK-N-ROLL NIGHTMARE (1987): The Mighty Thor! Widescreen presentation with two music videos and Jon Mikl Thor "Revelations". Movie runs 83 minutes.

RODAN (1957): Classic Japanese kaiju love story. Picture and sound quality is very good. Runs 72 minutes.

SATANIK (1968): A withered old hag turns into a beautiful young woman after drinking a youth formula. Based on Italian comic book of same name. Runs 80 minutes.

SATAN'S SADISTS (1969): Classic biker trash from Al Adamson featuring Russ Tamblyn and the most excellent theme song ever. Runs 86 minutes.

SCARFACE (1932): Paul Muni stars as the "shame of the nation" in this pre-code classic directed by Howard Hawks. Runs 93 minutes.

SCTV - CCCP 1 (1981): Complete episode. Features musical guest Al Jarreau in Jazz Singer parody with Sid Dithers.

SCTV - You! (1981): Complete episode. Musical guest Plasmatics go camping with the Fishin' Musician.

SCTV - Zontar (1981): Complete episode. Musical guest Natalie Cole visits the Sammy Maudlin Show.

SCTV - Walter Cronkite's Brain (1981): Complete episode. Musical guest Rough Trade appear on Pre-Teen World.

SCTV - Doorway To Hell (1981): Complete episode. Musical guest Eugene Fodor stars in New York Rhapsody.

SCTV - The Godfather (1981): Complete episode. Musical guest James Ingram stars in 3-D House Of Beef.

SCUM OF THE EARTH (1963): Herschell Gordon Lewis delivers the goods in this sleaze classic. Excellent drive-in intermission reels tacked on end.

SCHOOLGIRL REPORT VOLUME 1: What Parents Don't Think Is Possible (1970): Uncut, German language with English subtitles. Love that Gert Wilden soundtrack. 84 minutes.

SEVENTH SEAL (1957): Ingmar Bergman. Sweedish language, English subtitles, widescreen with theatrical trailer. 96 minutes.

SEVEN WOMEN FOR SATAN (1974): Another French film banned in France. English language, widescreen with theatrical trailer. 85 minutes.

SHE-DEVILS ON WHEELS (1968): Guts as hard as the steel of their hogs! Herschell Gordon Lewis' girls gone wild biker trash. Full screen with theatrical trailer and short biker documentary. 82 minutes.

SHOCK CORRIDOR (1963): Whom God wishes to destroy...He first turns mad. Classic pulp thriller by Samuel Fuller. 82 minutes.

SIMPSONS Season 6: All 25 episodes. 5 episodes per disc. This season ends with the cliff-hanger, "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" Great quality. Each disc approx. 113 minutes.

SIMPSONS Season 7: All 24 episodes. 5 episodes per disc (disc 5 has 4 episodes plus deleted scenes). Begins with the sequal to "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" Great quality. Each disc approx. 113 minutes.

SIMPSONS Season 8: All 25 episodes. 5 episodes per disc. Great quality. Each disc approx. 113 minutes.

SIMPSONS Season 9: All 25 episodes. 5 episodes per disc. Great quality. Each disc approx. 113 minutes.

SIMPSONS Season 16: All 20 episodes. 5 episodes per disc. Please note: there were 21 episodes this season with the Halloween special, which is NOT included on these discs. All the commercials are edited out. Nice quality.

SIMPSONS Treehouse Of Horror 1 - 5: The first five Halloween specials. Great quality. Approx 113 minutes.

SINTHIA, THE DEVIL'S DOLL (1968): A Ray Dennis Steckler sexy-delic shocker. With bonus trailers and a saucy short.

SKIDOO (1968): At long last, we add this infamous Otto Preminger counterculture hoot. 97 minutes of jaw-dropping goodness. Decent print (not perfect) of a nearly lost late 60's classic. This is must-see TV.

SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE (1972): A man becomes unstuck in time in the film that became a classic. Widescreen. 104 minutes.

SMOKE AND FLESH (1968): Pot party crashed by hoodlums calls for drastic meaures. Includes theatrical trailer. Also on this disc is "Aphrodisiac! The Sexual Secret of Marijuana", which runs 42 minutes.

SON OF GODZILLA (1967): English language. Excellent widescreen copy. Runs 85 minutes.

SPACE AMOEBA (1970): Toho kaiju with a giant squid, crab & turtle. English language widescreen presentation. Runs 84 minutes.

SPASMO (1974): Beyond "Psycho" SPASMO! By Umberto Lenzi. Widescreen with theatrical trailers. Runs 94 minutes.

SPIRIT OF '76 (1990): Redd Kross' McDonald brothers star with David Cassidy in this goofy send-up of the '70's. Devo also have a bit part. Widescreen. About 83 minutes with a Redd Kross music video as bonus.

Sssssss (1973): Don't say it, hiss it. Widescreen print with trailer. Runs about 99 minutes.

STENDHAL SYNDROME (1996): Dario Argento directs his daughter Asia. Widescreen, director's cut. Runs about 113 minutes.

STRAIGHT STORY (1999): David Lynch plays it straight. Runs about 112 minutes.

STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH (1970): Directed by Sergio Martino. This is the full-length Euro-version. Excellent widescreen print with trailer. Runs about 94 minutes.

SUNSET BOULEVARD (1950): A Hollywood Story by Billy Wilder. Running time 110 minutes.

SUPERCHICK (1973): Everything you ever wanted in a woman and more...a lot more! Classic drive-in exploitation. Running time 94 minutes.

SWINGING CHEERLEADERS (1972): They gave their all for the team! Directed by Jack Hill. Runs about 91 minutes.

SWEDISH WILDCATS (1972): Directed by Joe Sarno. This is the full-length Euro-version. Excellent widescreen print with bonus trailers. Runs about 92 minutes.

SYNDICATE SADISTS (1975): Umberto Lenzi crime thriller starring Tomas Milian as Rambo. I love this movie. Widescreen, English language presentation. Runs 92 minutes.

TALES FROM THE CRYPT (1972): DEATH LIVES in the Vault of Horror! Ecellent horror anthology finally gets nice digital treatment. Widescreen. 92 mminutes.

TEASERAMA (1955): Irving Klaw production of a burlesque show. Features Tempest Storm, Betty Page & Joe E. Ross. Includes trailers and a couple other nudie shorts.

TENANT (1976): No One Does It to You Like Roman Polanski. Runs 125 minutes. No extras.

TESTAMENT OF DR. MABUSE (1933): Directed by Fritz Lang. German language with optional English subtitles. Runs about 121 minutes.

TERROR IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE (1958): The first picture in Psycho-Rama! Low budget thriller band by the U.S. gov't for its use of subliminal imagery. Full screen presentation runs 76 minutes. No extras.

THAT OBSCURE OBJECT OF DESIRE (1977): Luis Buñuel's last film. Widescreen, English language with theatrical trailer. Runs 104 minutes.

THERESE & ISABELLE (1968): ... A love story ... by Radley Metzger. Runs 118 minutes.

THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD (1951): Scientists and American Air Force officials fend off a blood-thirsty alien organism while at a remote arctic outpost. Runs 87 minutes.

THING WITH TWO HEADS (1972): Ray Milland and Rosey Grier. Excellent. Runs 91 minutes.

THIRD MAN (1949): British film noir starring Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles. Excellent. Runs 104 minutes.

THRILLER with Boris Karloff (1961- 62): Two episodes, The Prediction & The Premature Burial. Each stars the host, Karloff. Nice quality on these. Yet to see a DVD release. Approx. 100 minutes.

TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD (1971): The first installment in De Ossorio's Blind Dead series. Very nice widescreen print. Uncut, Spanish language with English subtitles. Runs 101 minutes.

TOMMY (1975): Widescreen with "quintaphonic" sound. Approx. 111 minutes.

TOMORROW SHOW with Tom Snyder 1: Two complete episodes. (1) Punk Rock pow wow with Kim Fowley, Bill Graham, Paul Weller & Joan Jett. (2) Tom chats with Elvis Costello, who performs two songs. Approx. 82 minutes.

TOMORROW SHOW with Tom Snyder 2: Two complete episodes. (1) Iggy Pop performs three songs and talks with Tom. (2) Tom is enchanted by Wendy O. and her band, the Plasmatics, who perform two songs and blow up a car. Approx. 76 minutes.

TOMORROW SHOW with Tom Snyder 3: Two complete episodes. (1) Tom is flustered by John Lydon and Keith Levene. (2) Tom welcomes the Jam, who perform two songs. Approx. 84 minutes.

TOMORROW SHOW with Tom Snyder 4: Two complete episodes. (1) The Ramones get interviewed & perform three songs. (2) Tom chats with Patti Smith. Approx. 76 minutes.

TOWER OF LONDON (1939): All-star cast in this more hisorical than horrific tale. Approx. 92 minutes.

TRADER HORNEE (1970): David F. Friedman penned this nudie cutie jungle adventure. Approx. 84 minutes.

TRILOGY OF TERROR (1975): Karen Black stars in this made for TV favorite. Approx. 72 minutes.

TROG (1970): Joan Crawford adores the missing link, Trog. Widescreen. Approx. 93 minutes.

TURKISH STAR TREK (1973): Also known as "Ömer the Tourist in Star Trek." Nice copy of this rare & amazing oddity. Approx. 72 minutes.

TWIN PEAKS - Season One (1990): A town where everyone knows everyone and nothing is what it seems. All seven episodes from season one of Lynch's infamous television series. This does not include the 90 minute pilot. Each episode is 47 minutes.

TWIST AROUND THE CLOCK (1961): It's twist-errific! - the first full-length movie about the twist! With Chubby Checker & Dion. 86 minutes.

TWO THOUSAND MANIACS (1964): The second film in Herschell Gordon Lewis' blood trilogy. With theatrical trailer and rare outtakes. Approx. 84 minutes.

UBALDA, ALL NAKED AND WARM (1972): Mariano Laurenti comedy with Edwige Fenech. Italian language, English subtitles, widescreen with theatrical trailers and Fenech interview. Total time of disc is 115 minutes.

UN CHIEN ANDALOU & L'AGE D'OR (1929 & 30): The two Bunuel & Dali collaborations on one disc. Very good quality. Total time is about 74 minutes.

UNCLE GODDAMN (1988): What the hell is wrong with these people? What the hell is wrong with me for adding this to my list? Total time is about 50 minutes.

UNDERTAKER AND HIS PALS (1966): A macabre story of two motorcycle-riding, knife-wielding, shiv-shaving, eye-gouging, arm-twisting, chain-lashing, scalpel-flashing, acid-throwing, gun-shooting, bone-breaking, pathological nuts and their pal the UNDERTAKER... About 63 minutes.

VALLEY OF GWANGI (1969): Cowboys Battle Monsters in the Lost World of Forbidden Valley. Great Ray Harryhausen effects. Widescreen. 96 minutes.

I VAMPIRI (1956): Early Mario Bava (co-directed by Riccardo Freda) gothic horror. Widescreen, Italian language with English subtitles. Runs 78 minutes.

VAMPYR (1932): Carl Dreyer's nightmarish classic inspired by Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla. With Wladyslaw Starewicz's animated short "The Mascot" tacked on end of disc as added bonus.

VERTIGO (1958): A Hitchcock thriller. You should see it from the beginning! 129 minutes.

VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED (1960): What Demonic Force Lurks Behind Those Eyes? I prefer the alternate title, the Bloodening. Approx. 77 minutes.

VIRIDIANA (1961): Luis Buñuel. Spanish language with English subtitles. Widescreen with theatrical trailer. Approx. 90 minutes.

VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD (1973): Another Franco film. Jean Rollin is credited with having a hand in the mix, as well. Widescreen, English language with theatrical trailer and out takes. Film is approx. 79 minutes.

VIRGINS FROM HELL (1987): Virgins are raped . . . virgins are killed . . . Great cheesy entertainment from Indonesia. Film is approx. 93 minutes.

WEREWOLF (1956): Underrated werewolf film produced by Sam Katzman. With trailers & Mr. Magoo catroon as extras. Runs about 79 minutes.

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE? (1972): Excellent giallo by Massimo Dallamano. English language, widescreen with theatrical trailer. Approx. 106 minutes.

WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE GOOSE (1969): British comedy featuring the Pretty Things. Full screen presentation. Approx. 102 minutes.

WHITE CANNIBAL QUEEN (1979): Jess Franco. Approx. 90 minutes.

WHITE HEAT! (1949): James Cagney Is Red Hot In "White Heat"!. Approx. 114 minutes.

WILD ANGELS (1966): Their credo is violence...Their God is hate...and they call themselves 'The Wild Angels'. Legendary biker film with exceellent Davie Allen fuzzy guitar soundtrack. 93 minutes.

WILD GUITAR (1962): Arch Hall Jr. goes from hick to hunk with a little help from unscrupulous management. Very nice picture and sound quality with theatrical trailers tagged on end.

WILD IN THE STREETS (1968): If you're thirty, you're through! Widescreen with theatrical trailer. 94 minutes.

WILD ZERO (2000): By Tetsuro Takeuchi starring Guitar Wolf. Zombies and Rock-N-Roll. Japanese language with English subtitles. Wicked. 93 mins.

WITCH WHO CAME FROM THE SEA (1976): Aunt Molly really knows how to cut men down to size!! Excellent, nightmarish psycho-sexual obscurity. Widescreen. 87 mins.

WITCHFINDER GENERAL (1968): Original version of Michael Reeves' classic with Vincent Price. Exceptional film. Widescreen. 86 mins.

YELLOW EMANUELLE (1976): By Bitto Albertini starring Chai Lee and featuring Ilona Staller (AKA Cicciolina). Widescreen with deleted scenes and theatrical trailers.

YONGARY, MONSTER FROM THE DEEP (1967): Meet the South Korean Godzilla, Yongary. He dances to Rock-N-Roll. 78 minutes.

YOUNG ONES (1982 - 84): All 12 episodes from both seasons. Great musical guest stars and quality. Each episode is original, unedited length of about 35 minutes. Three episodes per disc.

YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME (2005): Roky Erickson documentary. See Sumner Erickson get spooned by his therapist. Though at times it seems a bit judgmental, it is still a fascinating look at a legend. 91 minutes.

Trailer Collections

42nd STREET FOREVER 1: Two hour compilation movie trailers. Has classic camp, sleaze, horror, Euro, action, mondo, blacksploitation, 70's porn, etc. Excellent quality. 42 trailers in all.

42nd STREET FOREVER 2: Two hour compilation movie trailers. Has classic exploitation, revenge, sleaze, horror, 70's, action, blacksploitation, etc. Excellent quality. 54 trailers in all.

CLASSIC HORROR & SCI-FI TRAILERS: Two hour compilation movie trailers starting with early Universal classics working its way up through early 70's favorites like Dr. Phibes and Count Yorga. Excellent quality. 58 trailers in all.

EURO-SHOCK TRAILERS: Two hour compilation of European horror films spanning late 50's to early 80's. Includes films by Mario Bava, Jess Franco, Paul Naschy, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, and more. Lots of blood, guts, and nudity. Excellent quality. 50 trailers in all.

HAMMER HORROR TRAILERS: 97 minute compilation for Hammer horror films spanning years '56 to '74. Includes a few Amicus trailers also. Excellent quality. 42 trailers in all.


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